We asked people in Finland what makes them happy

In honour of the International Day of Happiness, which takes place every year on March 20, we visit Oodi, Helsinki’s grand central library, to talk with people about what makes them happy. In our video, they tell you in their own words.

Our crew set out to interview people asking one simple question: What makes you happy?

It’s somehow appropriate that the weather outside was rainy that day. It shows that happiness isn’t dependent on the amount of cloud cover.

Many different aspects of Finland contribute to its long-running position as number one in the annual World Happiness Report, published by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Since 2018, Finland has occupied the number-one slot – the happiest country in the world.

Trust and freedom

When we asked people in Finland what makes them happy, they gave a wide range of answers. Check the video to find out what they said.Video: ThisisFINLAND

Happiness can mean many things. The World Happiness Report is about how contented people are with their lives. People in Finland are happy because their society has developed what they call an infrastructure of happiness. It includes healthcare, education, the economy, human rights, democratic governance and a culture of volunteerism.

High levels of trust and freedom also help explain Finnish happiness. Finland consistently ranks among the best in the world for transparency and for political, civil and press freedom.

By ThisisFINLAND staff, March 2023