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Study and work:

ThisisFINLAND Study and Work Info

Here are some articles on ThisisFINLAND about employment and work in Finland:
How to find a job in Finland

The Finnish Information bank offers information to all aspects of living in Finland, moving to, working, studying, recreation, and tourism.

Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment: How to begin your job search?

Ministry for Foreign Affairs:  Entering Finland
If you need more info about Finland’s immigration policy, please contact the nearest Finnish embassy.

Expat Finland

Public services in Finland – Suomi.fi


The Finnish Immigration service ( for information on all paths of immigration including work visas, resident permits, student visas and family reunification)

For contact info for Finland’s embassies and other missions abroad please visit Finland abroad.

Other information sources

Moving to Finland Info
Study and Work Info

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland has info on these topics:
Entering Finland
Visa to visit Finland
Residence permits to Finland

Info Finland offers information on all aspects of moving to Finland and living in Finland, including work, study, recreation and tourism.