ThisisFINLAND forms an attractive window on Finland for everyone interested in our country, its culture and its people. We cover anything related to Finland and Finnish society.

Produced by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland and published by the Finland Promotion Board, ThisisFINLAND was originally established in 1995 as Virtual Finland. We changed our name in the spring of 2009.

Who we are

  • Editor-in-chief: Mika Kukkonen
  • Managing editor: Peter Marten
  • Associate editor: Anna Ruohonen
  • Social media editor: Elina Järvenpää
  • Editorial staff also includes: Risto Joki

ThisisFINLAND Magazine

  • Editor-in-chief: Mika Hammarén
  • Editorial board: Sima al-Khafaji, Mika Kukkonen, Samuli Laita, Peter Marten, Meira Pappi, Salla Salovaara, Tuula Sjöstedt

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