Where can I find out about studying in Finland?

Take a look at these sites:

  • Study in Finland provides starter’s information and advice for those interested in English-taught full degree programmes at Finnish universities.
  • InfoFinland contains information and advice on Finnish school education for those moving to Finland.
  • ThisisFINLAND also contains resource pages for Study and Study and Work.

In addition, Finnish National Agency for Education and Ministry of Education and Culture provide general information on the Finnish education system.

Where can I find information about working in Finland?

Our article “How about getting a job in Finland?” will start you off with basic information and links.

The TE Employment Service website, managed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, is useful, with a booklet (available for download) entitled Work in Finland. So is Expat Finland with its sections on moving to Finland, living in Finland and employment in Finland.

Info Finland contains important info in 12 languages for immigrants about Finnish society.

Public Services in Finland provides a wealth of information about everyday life in Finland.

ThisisFINLAND also contains resource pages for Work and Study and Work.

Where can I find info about tourism in Finland?

Check the following websites:

I’m interested in doing business with Finnish companies. How should I proceed?

The Team Finland network offers companies internationalisation services and attracts investments to Finland.

Where can I find info about Finland’s official viewpoints and policies?

See the websites of the President, the Government, the Parliament and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs:

I’d like to visit Finland. Do I need a visa, and if so, how can I get it?

Visit the Ministry for Foreign Affairs website to find out whether you need a visa. Visa applications can be made to your nearest Finnish Embassy.

Where can I find out about moving to Finland?

The Finnish Immigration Service provides extensive info on visas, residence permits and other immigration issues.

Can I bring my dog, cat, bird, horse, ferret, etc. to Finland?

For info, see the website of the Finnish Food Authority.

I’m trying to trace a Finnish relative. Can you help?

Check out the following websites if you’re interested in genealogy:

I’d like to learn Finnish. Where do I start?

On ThisisFINLAND under Language, you’ll find a selection of articles about Finnish, as well as Swedish, Finland’s other official language. We also feature info about the Sámi, the indigenous people of northern Finland, and their languages. You can also visit:

The Finnish National Agency for Education publishes a list of places to study Finnish abroad.

May I reproduce images or text from ThisisFINLAND?

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Also: For students or others who would like to present Finland to the world, there are materials including facts, presentations and images available for noncommercial purposes in the Finland Toolbox. The image banks listed there each have their own terms of use.

What happened to Virtual Finland?

Virtual Finland was originally established in 1995. We changed our name to ThisisFINLAND in the spring of 2009, and totally revamped the look and feel of the site while we were at it. Another major redesign took place in 2015, and we are continuously building and improving.

ThisisFINLAND Magazine

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I didn’t find the answer to my question here. What should I do?

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