Several chocolate-dipped gingerbread cookies lie on a white background.

Gingerbread and chocolate form a perfect combination (recipe link below).Photo: Piritta Kaartio

A cookie is a tiny text file that the browser on your device saves when you visit a website. uses cookies to improve reader experience by ascertaining info such as how many people visit each page and for how long.

Cookie ingredients

Essentials only: These cookies help keep the site running. You can’t bake anything without proper ingredients. Any data collected is anonymous, and we don’t redistribute the data.

Allow all: This category enables Google Analytics to measure how readers interact with Those cookies include the following ingredients:

  • a spoonful of where the reader found the link that brought them to
  • a finely sifted quantity of pages visited and reading duration
  • a blend of links that inspired readers to click on them
  • a freshly ground mixture of user data such as IP address; time and date of visit; and technical details about the browser, operating system and screen size

Mix well, then filter and analyse to help bring readers more content that they like. Bake the data at 180 degrees Celsius for 6 to 7 minutes. Top generously with frosting and sprinkles.

This category also includes third-party cookies such as those baked into embedded videos or playlists. They often provide viewing or listening info to the site where the video or playlist originated. We don’t receive the data or control the recipes for these cookies, but the embedded content is recognisable by the sugary third-party logo that decorates it. Refusing to taste these cookies may mean that you are unable to enjoy embedded videos, playlists or similar while on

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See real Finnish cookie recipes (Baking batches of biscuits: A Finnish collection of cookie recipes)

Who are the formidable figures you see on our cookie settings banner? Those are two of Finland’s wildly successful, award-winning, official national emojis, and there are many more where they came from. They’re a fun way to get acquainted with Finnish emotions, culture and customs. is produced within the communications department of Finland’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs. For more about the ministry’s data protection policies, see its data protection info page.