Finnish innovation fund Sitra lists the most important trends of the 2020s

What will the 2020s look like? What trends will have the biggest impact on our future? What tensions exist between the various megatrends of our time?

Sitra, a Finnish fund focused on future-oriented study and research, provides the Megatrends 2020 list, an overview of the issues we should focus on in the coming years.

A megatrend is a general direction of development consisting of various phenomena and entailing widespread change. They often occur at the global level, and their development is often expected to continue in the same direction.

Sitra’s Megatrends 2020 update highlights five trends and the links and tensions between them:
  • Ecological reconstruction is a matter of urgency
  • Relational power is strengthening
  • The population is ageing and becoming increasingly diverse
  • The economy is seeking direction
  • Technology is becoming embedded in everything