50 Finnish summer music festivals to go to in 2023

During the long summer days and midnight sun, Finland offers hundreds of festivals. The experts at Music Finland pick 50 recommendations, from classical to pop, folk and beyond.

Here are just a few of them – for the full list and descriptions, see the link below.

In June, check out Finnish and foreign indie music at the Sideways Festival in Helsinki, or head to the far north for music, artworks and modern circus at the Silence Festival in Finnish Lapland.

During the first weekend in July, you could catch heavy metal greats at Tuska in Helsinki and jump over to eastern Finland for the renowned Savonlinna Opera Festival.

In August, there’s hip hop at Blockfest in the southern central city of Tampere. In the far-northern town of Inari, Ijahis idja (Nightless Night) celebrates the music of indigenous peoples including the Sámi, whose homeland is split into four parts by the borders of Finland, Sweden, Norway and Russia.