Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin grants rare interview to Vogue

The May 2020 issue of the British edition of Vogue contains an interview with Sanna Marin, Finland’s prime minister. The magazine met her in Helsinki before the coronavirus landed in the Nordic countries. Its US edition also carries an article featuring a conversation with Marin.

Marin became prime minister in December 2019, less than a month after her 34th birthday, and presides over a five-party coalition government together with four other female leaders, three of whom are also 35 or younger.

At the time of Vogue’s interview, in late January 2020, Marin’s attention was focusing on fulfilling the government programme: “We have to make sure we’re building society in a way that is not only socially and economically sustainable, but also environmentally sustainable,” she told British Vogue’s reporter.

Since mid-March, of course, she and her cabinet have directed all their attention to measures designed to slow the progress of the coronavirus, holding press conferences almost every day to keep citizens informed and answer questions.

You can tap the link button below to see Vogue’s UK piece, released online on March 31, 2020. Spoiler alert: The magazine discovered that Marin possesses sisu, that difficult-to-translate, uniquely Finnish combination of courage, perseverance and willpower.

The American edition of Vogue also published its own article about Sanna Marin and Finland, with the online version dated the day after the British piece. You can find the US article here, and read about how Finland “punches above its weight in terms of soft power—the egalitarianism, family benefits, and forward-thinking environmentalism that Marin embodies.”

By ThisisFINLAND staff, April 2020