Helsinki Pride Parade – a party for all

On the last Saturday of June Helsinki sparkles with colours. For over ten years, that’s when people have gathered to march together at the Pride Parade to celebrate equality and human rights. (See our slideshow of the parade.)

The colourful parade is the culmination of the annual Helsinki Pride Week, which features lots of different events: exhibitions, lectures, workshops and concerts. There’s also a separate program for people aged 13–29: Youth Pride Week.

The procession starts at the Senate Square and marches through the city center of Helsinki towards Kaivopuisto park, located in the southern part of the city. Here the party goes on with concerts, dancing and picnics.

More than 80,000 people participated in the parade in 2019. Everyone who stands for equality and human rights is welcome. Besides private individuals, many organisations and NGOs participate, as well as political parties and city and government institutions. Many private businesses also support and some even sponsor the Helsinki Pride.

In 2019, Antti Rinne was the first Finnish prime minister who participated in the parade. This was also the first year when bishops of the Finnish Evangelical-Lutheran Church officially joined it. The church was also one of the official media sponsors of the event.

Majority at the minority party

By Anna Ruohonen, July 2019