Finland shows carnival colours on May Day

All of Finland goes wild every year on May Day. Our photographers capture the spirit of the holiday in a slideshow.

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Every year on April 30 and May 1, Finland goes wild as people celebrate May Day. Our photographers roamed the Finnish capital to capture the spirit of the holiday in a slideshow.

May 1 is Labour Day in many countries, including Finland. However, the Finns also see it as a chance to celebrate the arrival of spring, and numerous festive student traditions are also associated with the date. In fact, just about everyone gets in on the action – May Day and the preceding evening represent the biggest party of the year. People dust off their white, secondary-school graduation caps and wear them around town, and the parks are filled with picnicking partiers of all ages.

First of May frolic


Photos by Leena Karppinen and Susanna Alatalo
By Peter Marten

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