Festive summer feelings last forever

We preserve Finland’s summer festival atmosphere in photos so we can continue to savour it all year round.

It’s time to allot ourselves 14 photos and a couple hundred words to capture the Finnish summer festival spirit – the people and the atmosphere.

Raise your hand if you know a gardener. If you do, then you can imagine the way Finns anticipate their summer festival season.

Just as gardeners will sit half the winter and plot what they’re going to plant in the spring, Finnish arts enthusiasts will huddle inside while snow still covers the ground and map out which festivals to hit come summer. You can almost taste the fresh vegetables. You can almost hear the music drifting through the warm air.

So it shouldn’t seem surprising that we also want to preserve the summer festival spirit and continue savouring it all year round. Just as a gardener stows some of the harvest away, we’ve assembled a slideshow to help us remember and convey the faces and feelings of the festivals.


Photos by Tim Bird, June–August 2009
Text by Peter Marten, updated March 2010