Delivering Finnish design on demand

Autumn leaves starting to fall in the Finnish capital are a sure sign that it’s time for Helsinki Design Week. In 2018, you can order design items for immediate delivery as easily as you order food online.

Helsinki Design Week, which was first held in 2001, now comprises more than 200 events, exhibitions, workshops and open studios, all helping show what’s new in the design world. The 2018 edition lasts from September 6 to 16, and revolves around the theme Trust.

New services in the digital sector are based on trust between the provider and the user, say the organisers of Helsinki Design Week. For physical design items, trust exists between the designer and the customer.

Design IRL

A food delivery person carrying a pizza box and the box open on a blue glass table, showing a painting inside.

It might look like a pizza box, but it contains a painting by Johanna Härkönen.Photo: Kimmo Metsäranta; design item: Johanna Härkönen

Physical and digital design are combined in Design Delivered, which allows customers to order art and design items from Wolt, a Finnish food order and delivery service with operations across Scandinavia, the Baltics and a number of other countries. For the duration of Design Week, Wolt offers Helsinkians a selection of design items in addition to food menus.

The pieces (600 of them, by 60 different designers and artists) are selected by a jury of two creative chefs and two creative directors, and one whole day is devoted completely to items created by students in Aalto University’s department of arts and design.

Elsewhere in Helsinki during Design Week, 13 ambassadors’ residences in the Finnish capital open their doors to the public, and 11 architectural offices and creative agencies participate in Open Studios. The Design Market at Cable Factory now includes the Vinyl Market, with music, DJs and discussion, and of course records. Families can head for Children’s Design Week, with events at Helsinki City Museum, City Hall and elsewhere.

By ThisisFINLAND staff, September 2018