Courageous Finnish hobbyhorsing inspires designers

The world’s newest equestrian craze started in Finland. Hobbyhorsing is creative, inventive and independent – all qualities that attract designers, as well.

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Young Finnish people are behind the growing popularity of hobbyhorsing – they handcraft elaborate stick horses that are more than mere toys, and organise meets where they ride those horses in dressage and show jumping events. The community also congregates online, especially on Instagram.

Not all grown-ups get it. But the hobbyhorse phenomenon involves imagination, innovation and independent thinking, and the art, sport and culture of hobbyhorsing are receiving an increasing amount of richly deserved publicity in Finland and all over the world.

Brave enough to ride

Photographer and filmmaker Viivi Huuska directed the short film “Brave Enough to Ride” to show the world a vision of hobbyhorsing.

ThisisFINLAND is supporting the courageous hobbyhorsing attitude with a multilingual Hobbyhorse Toolbox  that contains videos and other content about making and riding hobbyhorses. During December 2017 and early 2018, a popup webshop is also making available a limited edition line of urban fashion by top Finnish designers, with new products being revealed on a weekly basis.

Which designers are helping encourage these hobbyhorse enthusiasts who are brave enough to ride? Many of Finland’s top names: IvanaHelsinki, R-Collection, Riski, .TEBIAN, Uhana Design and WWOOLLFF. Flip through the slideshow below to find out more.

Designers who do get it

By ThisisFINLAND staff, November 2017

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