Kemi’s Snow Hotel is a world-famous luxury destination

The Snow Hotel in the northern Finnish city of Kemi is made entirely of snow and ice.

The gigantic Snow Castle is a real artwork made of ice and snow. It is built every year on the sea coast, not far from Kemi city centre, and stands there from late January until early April.

Great lighting effects add to the charm of sculptures made from snow and ice and highlight the buildings around the Snow Castle. The Snow Restaurant, Snow Chapel and Snow Hotel are all situated in the Snow Castle area.

The Snow Hotel won prizes in two categories at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2016: It topped the global listings in the Bespoke Luxury Experience category and was also awarded the title of Luxury Eco/Green Hotel in the Finnish listings. Spending the night in a Snow Hotel room made completely of snow, beautifully lit and decorated, offers one of the most unique arctic experiences. The temperature is always around minus 5 degrees Celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit), but a comfortable bed with white sheets, lambskin covers, a pillow, a fleece blanket and a sleeping bag designed for arctic conditions ensures a good night’s sleep.