Happy Easter egg hunting in Helsinki and beyond

It’s practically springtime in Finland, and that means Easter and hidden Easter eggs. We went around the Finnish capital and further afield with dozens of candy eggs a couple days before Easter.

Each package contains a “Suomi Finland” sticker (Suomi is the Finnish word for “Finland”) and a Fazer Mignon egg, a cute confection that has been a Finnish tradition since 1896.

We can’t transmit chocolate eggs to you over an internet connection, but until the day when that becomes possible, check out our video and the photos sent in by the lucky people who found the eggs.

We go around Helsinki hiding candy eggs on a brisk spring day.
Video: Peter Marten

The note in the packages read, “We’d absolutely love to hear how and where you found it!” Below are a few of the responses.

We found one!

“Helsinki sightseeing / We stole all your eggs” Photo: @karl_grrr

In Tampere: “I have found the Finland Easter Egg at the Moomin Museum.” Photo: S.W.

In Helsinki: “What a surprise!! We found this Easter egg on the statue in the middle of the Esplanadi Park. We didn't know what it was in the beginning, but when we picked up and saw what it was, we were very excited!! Thank you very much!!” Photo: @gua86

In front of Helsinki’s Lutheran Cathedral: “Lovely you - thanks! Have an amazing Easterrr!” Photo: S.S.

An idea that travels far: Can you spot the Mignon egg and the “Suomi Finland” sticker in this photo from the arrivals hall at Stockholm Arlanda Airport? Photo: Z.S.

In Helsinki: “Having coffee in @ihanakahvila, found a surprise Mignon egg” Photo: @rinnasarimaki

In the Helsinki neighbourhood of Kumpula: “In front of my beauty parlour, in a flower pot, I found an Easter egg. Thank you, signed Villa Vadelma” Photo: @kauneuspuoti_villa_vadelma

In downtown Helsinki: “Thank you, Finland!” Photo: N.L.

“Found an Easter Egg in front of Kunsthalle Helsinki (gallery) #thankyou #thisisfinlandofficial” Photo: @selja.raudas

On the Esplanade: “#FinlandEasterEggs #iamsohappy #iloveit #thankyou #finland #helsinki” Photo: @m_m_o_o_o

In Helsinki: “Hidden Easter egg in the lovely, maybe loveliest café on Aleksanterinkatu.” Photo: @jhyppola

Lucky Moomin in Tampere: “Look what I found” Photo: @tiatsikalla

In Helsinki: “A ThisisFINLAND chocolate egg hidden by the Easter Bunny found its way to Café Tarina! Thank you!” Photo: @cafetarina

In front of the “Three Smiths” statue in Helsinki Photo: @larpander

Somewhere on the shoreline: “Happy Easter!” Photo: @uciec_jak_najwyzej

Happy Easter everybody!

By ThisisFINLAND staff, March 2018

PS. Click here for more about Fazer Mignon eggs and another Finnish Easter delicacy: mämmi.