Daredevil Dudesons take Finnish innovations to extremes

Finns are brave, ambitious, daring and courageous. To see what we mean, just watch the newest videos by the Dudesons.

The Dudesons and Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovations, have joined forces to bring Finnish innovations to the world’s attention. In a new video series entitled Meanwhile in Finland, the Dudesons demonstrate Finnish innovations through extreme stunts such as the Forest Harvester Rodeo, the Icebreaker Chase, and other courageous adventures.

“We are doing things with these innovations which nobody has done in the world, and it looks like people love it. The number of views we’ve got on the first day is just crazy,” said Dudesons member Jarno Laasala. “We also wanted to show the world why Finns are known for their unconventional thinking, and what Finnish innovations can do when four wacky Dudesons put them under extreme conditions.”

“Finland is the coolest innovation hub in Europe,” said Tekes general director Pekka Soini. “We have fantastic success stories in cleantech, health and wellness, Arctic know-how and other fields. Creating new innovations takes courage, even temerity.  The Dudesons embody the adventurous Finnish mentality by testing out Finnish extreme innovations in their own unique style in this new series.”

Dudesons in action

The new series grabs the viewers’ attention with daring stunts and fresh thinking. The first episode shows the Dudesons rodeoing on a forest harvester made by Ponsse, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of forest machines. Later episodes will feature swimming in freezing seas and being chased by an icebreaker, racing snowmobiles through a storm of paintballs, and plunging head-first off haystacks.