Hometown Helsinki holds special place in choreographer’s heart

Dancer, choreographer and filmmaker Ima Iduozee has gained international acclaim and travelled around the world, but Helsinki is dear to him. (Article includes video clip.)

Ima Iduozee started his career as breakdancer, winning the Finnish national championship three times. In 2016 he graduated from the Theatre Academy of Helsinki’s University of the Arts.

“Helsinki is my home,” he says. “I grew up here and forged my career here. My love for Helsinki stems from the feeling that it’s always nice to come back here.”

Iduozee spent his youth in the neighbourhoods of Maunula and Pitäjänmäki in the north end of Helsinki. Both districts had residents from all over the world. “It now feels like the whole city has gone through a cycle of change in a very short time,” says Iduozee. “There are many things to immerse yourself in, in terms of culture, arts and music.”

Ima Iduozee toured 15 countries with his debut work, This is the Title.