Finnish national landscapes

Seven different videos present scenery and sights from all over Finland.

The Finnish National Landscapes series is probably the best audiovisual presentation of Finnish scenery and historical sites available on the internet today.

Go to the video Towns and industrial heritage in southern Finland
No ‘dark satanic mills’, memories of labour and nature in mellow harmony.
Go to the video Southwestern Finland and the archipelago
Rolling farmland leading to the peace, solitude, sea, and sky of the islands.
Go to the video Historic Häme, province with a past
The essence of Finland yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Go to the video Lakes and rapids
Gentle on the eye, soothing to the mind.
Go to the video The Hills of Eastern Finland:
If you believe in a Finnish mystique, it is probably here.
Go to the video The windswept plains of Ostrobothnia
The wind-lashed plains of the west.
Go to the video Lapland
Tranquillity, unspoilt wilderness, round-topped fells, and much, much more – Lapland has it all.