100 Moods from Finland

Do you have a favorite location or have you experienced a special moment in Finland? Suggest a location with a perfect mood by March 31.

A sunset in the archipelago, morning hour at a marketplace – 100 Moods from Finland invites you to suggest your favorite location and mood that you think the whole world should experience.

“This project is special, because we give people the possibility to take part and suggest how Finland is shown to the world. We hope for surprising and interesting locations or moods to broaden the image of Finland,” says Miikka Niemi from Flatlight Creative House, the creator of the project.

The moods will be documented in 360-degree videos and they can be experienced digitally through various channels and in an experiential igloo-style exhibition space, which is part of 100 Moods From Finland tour abroad. Stepping in to this space takes the viewers right in the middle of Finnish moods and landscapes. The project will be updated throughout the year with the new, documented moods that are mostly selected from people’s suggestions.

Suggestions for the moods can be submitted until March 31, 2017.