Combining Finnish educational expertise and artificial intelligence

Claned Group combines AI with Finnish educational expertise and data analytics to provide a personalised online learning platform.

“Personalised learning is the next level of learning globally,” says Claned Group founder Vesa Perälä.

“Students have different ways to learn, and varying preferences,” Perälä says. “Online learning platforms based on a one-size-fits-all approach usually have a high drop-out rate, but we have included individual learning paths and social interaction with other students. It keeps the students motivated, which makes all the difference.”

The name Claned comes from the way the company clusters students to different clans based on their learning orientation, skills and preferences.

Understanding students’ choices

Portrait of Vesa Perälä of Claned, smiling widely.

“A learning tracker shows how much studying is still left, and can suggest next steps,” says Vesa Perälä of Claned.Photo: Ville Rinne

“Bit by bit, the machine learning system learns to understand each student’s learning behaviour and the choices they make,” Perälä says. “Based on the accrued data, it gives the students recommendations for suitable study material and alternative learning paths. A learning tracker shows how much studying is still left, and can suggest next steps.”

The system measures and analyses learning results, allowing the teacher to follow each student’s progress and intervene if necessary.

The global education market is growing rapidly. Claned Group, founded in 2013, sells its licence-based learning platform to universities, organisations and corporations worldwide. Its spearhead project consists of delivering continuing education in 21st-century skills for all Finnish teachers and headmasters, in cooperation with the Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI).

By Leena Koskenlaakso, ThisisFINLAND Magazine 2018