Finland’s Isac Elliot: 17-year-old music veteran

At 17, Isac Elliot of Finland is already a pop veteran. He is starting to take a larger role in steering his own career.

“I have to say that the pop scene must be the hardest one out there,” Isac Elliot says.

He is a pop star with more than a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Already a veteran in music business, he’s still only 17 at the time of writing.

“I was 12 and my dad was working as a teacher, and all of a sudden we found ourselves sitting in a car surrounded by fans shouting and banging on the windows,” he says. “Everything was completely new.”

In his own opinion, he has already taken the difficult step from a teen pop star into something more mature.

In Finland, Elliot gained loads of new fame in 2017 when he released an EP with local rap star Mikael Gabriel, sung in Finnish. Two of that EP’s songs are still among Elliot’s most popular songs on Spotify, beating all but one tune from Elliot’s latest album, Faith, released in December 2017.