Finnish singer Alma’s crazy summer

In early July, Alma Miettinen dropped her first song, “Karma,” just to see what would happen. Less than two months later, “Karma” became the second-most streamed Finnish song of the 2010s on Spotify, right after “Hollywood Hills” by Sunrise Avenue.

Alma’s story is the story of a star falling into place. In 2013 Alma was a 17-year-old participant in the Finnish version of the TV show Idols, and had been listening to Amy Winehouse and the Jackson Five all her life.  She dropped out of Idols before the semifinals, but during the competition she befriended one of the judges, Finnish rapper Sini Sabotage, and ended up doubling her at gigs for a few years.

In addition to “Karma,” Alma was featured in “Bonfire” by German EDM artist Felix Jaehn – which topped the charts in Germany. She has signed deals with two major labels: Warner in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic, and Universal Music Germany in the rest of the world. Alma’s first EP is released in autumn 2016 and her debut album in the first quarter of 2017.