On the streets of Finland

What does easy living mean to you?

What makes everyday life in Finland good? We ask people in three cities what they like about Finland.

Katri Nietosjärvi, graphic designer, 38, with Valle, 1, Helsinki “This year with my baby boy has been the best year of my life. The long maternity leave has given me more time with loved ones and friends.” Photo: Pekka Nieminen

Teuvo Tikkanen, media advisor, 70, Turku “Life is well organised and safe. The police and the army are decent. There are lots of good things in our culture, but can be melancholic. I wish people would notice the good things more often.” Photo: Päivi Leinonen

Sanna Tarvainen, journalist, 42, Oulu “Public healthcare has saved the lives of many people I love, and my own when I had cancer. The healthcare system is not perfect but in many tough spots it works.” Photo: Kati Valjus

Aleksi Mikkola, supervisor, 40, Turku “City culture is experimental and full of life. It’s safe here because people respect the laws, although some of them are a bit funny, like not being allowed to carry a beer from a bar to its patio across the pavement.” Photo: Päivi Leinonen

Debesay Okbasamiel, student, 22, Oulu ”I came here from Eritrea a year ago. Finland is a safe country and when you are a permanent resident, you get financial aid for studying. I am studying to be a caregiver, and I have applied to a nursing programme.” Photo: Kati Valjus

Aira Davidsson, pensioner, 65, Helsinki “It is easy and cheap to keep fit here. I cycle a lot, and there is an open-air public fitness park close to where I live. Swimming doesn’t cost much either.” Photo: Tommi Tuomi

Niina Bergius, producer, 34, Helsinki “Finland is a nature-lover’s paradise. I live in Helsinki, which is full of green areas, parks and forests. We have also wonderful national parks and archipelagos.” Photo: Tommi Tuomi

Ville Pohjonen, creative director, 29, Oulu ”People trust each other here. At work, that makes cooperation possible in bold and innovative ways.” Photo: Kati Valjus

Jaana Heiskanen, entrepreneur, 49, Oulu “The food is clean; we take it for granted. If I can, I always choose Finnish food over imported products.” Photo: Kati Valjus

Ruben Martinez, retail supervisor, 40, Helsinki “I moved here from Spain eight years ago. I love how everything just works here, things like the education and healthcare systems. It’s the same with small everyday things: you can trust public transport to be on time.” Photo: Pekka Nieminen

Leevi Mäkikalli, conscript, 20, Turku ”It’s great that everyone has the same opportunities for education and it doesn’t depend on money or family background.” Photo: Päivi Leinonen

By Päivi Leinonen, Marjo Linnasalmi, Kati Valjus and Taru Virtanen, ThisisFINLAND Magazine 2018