Leaves grow green all summer in Helsinki, before burst of autumn colour

Our video follows the Finnish capital from the first days of spring through the white nights and paradisal greenery of summer, concluding when the reds, oranges and yellows make the arrival of autumn visible.

Summer in Helsinki is a season of magical nightless nights, also called white nights, when the sun hardly sets at all and the sky never gets completely dark. It’s also a time when parks, forests and meadows display foliage in every possible shade of green.

Lights in Helsinki: summer and autumn actually begins in the spring. You’ll see a group of students “crowning” the downtown statue Havis Amanda with a graduation cap to kick off the wild May Day celebrations. Aerial shots show just how green Helsinki is in the summer, and the camera wanders along flower- and tree-lined paths until the autumn leaves change colour.

Lights in Helsinki: summer and autumn
Video: Seppo Saarinen/MoviesKy

By ThisisFINLAND staff, August 2018