Artificial intelligence helps Santa in Finnish Christmas videos

Santa has installed several artificial-intelligence innovations to help keep gift deliveries rolling. But as ThisisFINLAND’s videos show, he still has the answers when the machines are stumped.

As everybody knows, the one and only Santa Claus makes his home at Korvatunturi, a mountain in Finnish Lapland, in the far north.

ThisisFINLAND proudly presents several short animations that celebrate the Finnish Christmas season. As an added bonus, we’re also releasing two videos filmed at Santa’s workshop on the Arctic Circle, near the city of Rovaniemi, also part of Finnish Lapland (scroll down a little farther).

Fairytale package

What is one small gift that contains a large amount of adventures, costumes and action?

Window to another world

Santa knows how to keep up with the times.

Understanding all languages

Did you ever hear that sometimes the simplest solution is also the best solution?

Finding your way

How do you chart a path to deliver presents to kids all over the world?

Santa’s “heavy” sentiments

Christmas is a season associated with music, and everyone has a favourite tune!

Santa’s ice hockey vision

Wouldn’t everyone like to experience playing in the big leagues?

By ThisisFINLAND staff, December 2019