The Finland emojis take off on Christmas adventures

ThisisFINLAND proudly presents four short animated videos that celebrate the Finnish Christmas season.

They show the adventures of the Finland emojis, especially Baby in a Box and the legendary phone called Unbreakable.

And while these films are for kids, we bet grown-ups will enjoy them, too!

About our heroes

Baby in a Box” refers to the maternity package, a box of baby clothes, care items and accessories sent to every new family in Finland to give the child a good start and help parents grow into their role. The box itself is designed to serve as a crib during the early months.

Unbreakable” is an old-school Nokia 3310 phone, famously sturdy and now surrounded by an aura of nostalgia. You don’t have to be very old to remember playing games such as Snake on that tiny green screen.

A swan is dazzled by the Northern Lights

Baby in a Box and Unbreakable help a swan who gets distracted by the Northern Lights and crashes into the bell tower of Helsinki Cathedral.

Who’s in this video: The swan is Finland’s national bird, so of course it has its own emoji (and swans just might be cuter than cats). And Finland is *the* place to experience the spectacular dance of Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights. You usually get the best views up north, but you can sometimes catch them in southern Finland, too.

A long winter’s nap

Hey, bear! You can’t take your long winter’s nap in the middle of the road! That could be dangerous!

Who’s in this video: Bears hibernate, sleeping the winter away – sometimes when it’s cold and dark outside, you feel they might be right!

Playing pond hockey: Who’s got the puck?

What happens when two Finnish horses are playing ice hockey on a frozen lake and lose the puck? How will they get it back? And how does an ermine become involved?

Who’s in this video: Strong and stubborn, the Finnish horse is a trusted friend that has been a reliable companion in work and play for centuries. Of course Finnish horses know how to play ice hockey!

Helping Santa deliver the presents

How can Santa Claus take off from northern Finland to deliver presents to everyone, if Rudolph’s bright red nose has a short-circuit?

Who’s in this video: The original Santa Claus, the one and only, comes from Finland, and makes his home in Korvatunturi, up north in Finnish Lapland, where there are lots of reindeer.

By ThisisFINLAND staff, November 2018