Dancing Finland challenges you to dance!

Feel the joy of dance and take part in the Challenge by learning the dance of your choice. You can also challenge others to get involved!

Dancing Finland 2017 has six different Dance Challenge dances: ballet, street dance, contemporary dance, couple and folk dance, show dance and freestyle – where you can express yourself in your own, unique way. Anyone, regardless of age or level of mobility, can learn these dances.

Couple and folk dances form an integral part of Finnish dance culture. In couple dancing, two people dance together; one leads and the other follows, with predetermined steps to a rhythm set by the music. Folk dance – or tanhut, as Finnish folk dances are also known – is based on simple, folksy dances that are easy to pick up. The dances can be group dances, where the participants dance in symmetrical patterns, or couple dances that can be changed and adapted at will.

The campaign is part of the programme for the centenary of Finland’s independence in 2017.
Let’s all dance through the whole year.

See the six beautiful dance challenge videos, choose your favorite and learn to dance from the tuition videos.