Meet and greet celebrating Finns in 2017

Sweat, tech, energy and food are on the agenda when Finland celebrates its centenary with events around the world. Pick one and meet and greet the Finns and their country.

Where to find the Finns as they celebrate 100 years of independence:

Lahti, Finland
22 February–3 March
Nordic World Ski Championships
Finland doesn’t freeze even though there is snowfall and sub-zero temperatures. The power of snow-how is on display at the Nordic World Ski Championships organised in the city of Lahti. Guaranteed winter fun!

Tampere, Finland
8-12 March 2017
WOW – Women of the World
Gender equality is one of the greatest success stories Finland has achieved in the course of its independence. Women of the World will take place on International Women’s Day in Tampere, Finland. This feminist festival will highlight the capacity and creativity of women and girls.

The whole year
Mobile Home 2017
What is home? Mobile Home 2017 is a joint venture of Finnish cultural institutes in Paris, Berlin, the Benelux, and London. The project explores and interprets different meanings of home through experiences, architecture, art, science and sociology. Check the latest locations and details.

Turku, Finland
11–15 May
European Heritage Congress 2017
Do you know your cultural heritage? Around 400 heritage players from all over Europe will gather to city of Turku in May to discuss how cultural heritage could be mainstreamed. The Congress will provide a unique platform for exchanging of views on the latest EU policy developments related to heritage. And of course the chance to experience the fantastic city of Turku.

Astana, Kazakhstan
10 June–10 September
Astana EXPO 2017
Kazakhstan’s capital city Astana hosts EXPO 2017, with the theme of future energy solutions. Finland is one of the world’s leading countries in energy sector expertise, energy efficiency, and clean tech – all of which will be showcased in the Finnish pavilion.

Helsinki, Finland
9–13 August
Worldcon 75
Sci-Fi fans around the world will time travel to Helsinki this summer. The 75th World Science Fiction Convention will bring science fiction stars such as Nalo Hopkinson and Claire Wendling to the Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre. But watch out for the worm holes!

All around the world
25–27 August
Finnish Your Dinner!
Nordic food has been a trend for some time now. Simple, healthy food originating from Finnish forests, fields and waters will be highlighted also at The World’s Greatest Village Celebration. Hundreds of organisations all across Finland will create their own village festivals. Among these are celebrations in national parks, under the open sky, in garrisons, schools, and restaurants. Finns also serve up Finnish meals to strangers all over the world. Book yourself into one or offer up a meal yourself!

Helsinki, Finland
30 November–1 December
Nobody in their right mind would come to Helsinki in November. Well, except for 15,000 techheads who come to celebrate Slush, Europe’s leading startup event. Come and experience the Finnish weather first hand, or just watch the live stream with a million other people.

By Hannele Tavi, ThisisFINLAND Magazine 2017