Helsinki’s autumn colours come alive

We relish the crisp fall air, bringing you eye-catching photos of a city where green leaves are turning red, orange and yellow.

As autumn arrives in the Finnish capital, chilly weather hints at an even colder season soon to come. We relish the crisp fall air, bringing you eye-catching views of colourful seasonal scenery.

Deep reds, bright oranges and pale yellows replace the greens of summer in Helsinki parks and neighbourhoods as autumn progresses and the leaves change. Although the warm weather of July and August is fast fading to a distant memory, we’re still outside enjoying life and landscapes in the capital.

Vibrant transition

A view of life: This café overlooking Töölö Bay stays open as long as the weather holds. Photo: Tim Bird

Autumn colours and a deep blue sky are reflected on a parked car. Photo: Tim Bird

Not too hot, not too cold: A clear autumn day is a great time for a bike ride. Photo: Tim Bird

Picture inside a picture: Capture the colours in just the right light. Photo: Tim Bird

Weight-gain diet: This squirrel is looking for handouts as it gets ready for winter. Photo: Tim Bird

Peaceful corner: Sunset is not far off as orange trees catch the light on the shore of Töölö Bay. Photo: Tim Bird

Red foliage shines in front of the red brick of Saint Paul's Church. Photo: Tim Bird

Blowin' in the wind: Colours become a blur as tree branches sway. Photo: Tim Bird

Fallen leaves contribute to the peaceful atmosphere of a graveyard. Photo: Tim Bird

Off-season: There aren't too many bathers around as the water temperature drops to match the autumn air. Photo: Tim Bird

Leaves turn a fiery hue of orange, outdoing the building across the street. Photo: Tim Bird

A passing phase: A train hurries past as the seasons hurry to change. Photo: Tim Bird

Photos by Tim Bird
Text by Peter Marten