Who’s who in Finland?

Test your knowledge of Finnish characters to see if you’re a true fan of Finland.

An old bearded man in red clothes with a reindeer.

1. (answers below)

A white, hippo-looking creature.


A red bird standing with its arms crossed.


A long worm formed of pixels on a screen chasing small pixels.


A tired-looking man in a red cap driving a red Jeep.


A barbarian king with a crown, heavy armour and a huge sword.


Cartoon image of four mischievous-looking boys of which one has only one thumb.


Two cartoon boys, one dressed in yellow and one in pink with round pink-rimmed glasses.


An excited-looking cartoon bug with long antennas.


A black-and-white drawing of a man in an army-style leather cap.


1–4 correct answers: Close, but not quite. Take a trip to Finland to brush up your knowledge!

5–7 correct answers: Good effort. Keep it up and you’ll soon be calling yourself a pro Finn.

8–10 correct answers: OK, are you sure you’re not a Finn in disguise? You’re a true Finland fan. Onnea!