Remember Finland emojis?

Test yourself with the Finland emoji memory game, see how well you can recall the Finland emojis.

Headbanger, sauna, coffee… Can you still recall what else is a Finland emoji? The emojis are now hidden in the ThisisFINLAND memory game. Give it a go!

Finland was the first country in the world to have its own national emojis. We have now launched two sets of the  Finland emoji stickers. On May 12, on the Day of the Finnish Identity, we launched a new set of summer emojis.  The first set of Finland emoji stickers was launched in the ThisisFINLAND Christmas calendar in December 2015. The Finland emojis feature typical Finnish feelings. Some of the emojis are well known Finnish people who themselves represent a certain feeling for Finns.  The Finland emojis became a massive international hit.

If you have not heard about Finland emoji, update yourself. See the whole set of emoji in our Book of Finland emoji and download the stickers. The ‘Finland emojis’ applications are available for iPhone and Android in AppStore and Google Play.

Emoji memory game created by: Risto Joki
By: Jenita Cresswell, March 2016