Practical info for businesses

Here are some handy links related to doing business in Finland and with Finnish companies.


    • Who can help me do business in Finland?

      Invest in Finland offers a full set of professional, hands-on investment services that are always tailored according to a company’s specific needs. The services cover every stage of setting up a business in Finland, ranging from initial data collection and opportunity analysis to networking and the actual business launch.

    • I’m interested in doing business with Finnish companies. How should I proceed?

      The best way to forge business contacts with Finnish companies is to contact Business Finland.

    • How do I find info on rules and regulations?

      My Enterprise Finland: Info on assistance available for establishing and developing businesses. Public services portal with info about developing a company; international trade; and public sector services for businesses.

See more on the Info Finland website.

What kind of public funding is available for companies?

  • Business Finland forms the main public funding organisation for financing research, development and innovation. International businesses registered in Finland can benefit from the same funding services as their Finnish counterparts.
  • Finnvera, a specialised financing company governed by the Finnish State, has official Export Credit Agency (ECA) status and provides businesses with loans, guarantees, venture capital investment and export credit guarantees.
  • Sitra (Finnish Innovation Fund), an independent public foundation that operates under the supervision of the Finnish Parliament, offers financing for business development through its programmes, including Health Care, Food and Nutrition, Energy, Russia, India and Innovation.
  • Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment foster regional development within Finland, promoting entrepreneurship, labour market, competence and cultural activities. The centres help companies develop their businesses, and offer funding different kinds of development activities.