Info and resources for international visitors currently in Finland

Covid-19 guidance for foreigners travelling in Finland

Dear traveller,

On Monday, March 16, 2020, Finland, joining many other European countries, declared a nationwide state of emergency due to the Covid-19/coronavirus outbreak. Finland has closed its borders and suspended all travel. However, foreigners travelling in Finland can return to their home countries.

Now is the time to start making arrangements for a safe return home. Most flights, cruises and trains are being cancelled or rescheduled. Under these circumstances, you may not be able to return home according to your planned schedule. Get in touch with your travel agency and your airline, cruise line or train company to confirm your connections home. Note that many restaurants, hotels, public spaces and other services may be closing.

We recommend that all travellers closely monitor statements and guidance issued by their home countries’ public authorities, health officials and embassies, in order to receive timely information on matters such as quarantine instructions upon arrival home. Please see the list of foreign embassies in Finland:

Please note that the police may extend the validity of a visa in the event that flight cancellations, for example, prevent the visa holder from leaving Finnish territory before their visa expires. For more info please contact the police:

As of March 27, restrictions have been imposed on domestic traffic into and out of the Uusimaa region, the area of southern Finland where Helsinki is located, in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus. For more information:

Please note that Finland’s healthcare is currently burdened with cases of the virus. In case of illness, you should get in contact by phone with the nearest public health centre or hospital. Check with your travel insurance provider to find out what your insurance covers abroad.

Stay healthy!

By ThisisFINLAND staff, updated March 30, 2020