Finland is reinventing lifelong learning

Dare to Learn (Sept 18–19, 2018 in Helsinki) bills itself as the festival for rethinking learning. It’s a great opportunity to explore the new world of lifelong learning and the best learning solutions from Finland and around the world.

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Dare to Learn offers a carefully designed learning path. Two days full of inspiring keynotes, workshops and talks, not forgetting the enlightening discussions in the corridors and cafés with friends old and new.

The organisers believe solutions for tomorrow’s learning challenges can best be solved by bridging gaps between different learning professionals. Effective collaboration can address the challenges more successfully. Dare to Learn is a community of hundreds of volunteers and partners and thousands of individuals, our learners, eager to achieve better learning solutions and quality learning for everyone.

Finland is famous for its educational expertise and its students’ high ranking in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests. Two years ago, a nonprofit association called Sivistyskiihdyttämö was established behind Dare to Learn, which was created to facilitate border-crossing collaboration between organisations and between people who were seeking continuous development and change in their daily environments.

The themes for 2018 are: Curriculum 2026 – What Should We Learn Next?; Learning for Sustainability; Developmental Organisational Culture; Self-directed Learning; and Emotions and Learning. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a teacher, student, HRD professional, manager or other learning enthusiast – learning belongs to everybody.

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