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Finland in the international media 2015

Geektime: The state of Finland’s VC and startup ecosystem
30 March 2015

We have compiled data from leading sources to help you quickly grasp what Finland’s venture capital and startup scene has to offer. More »

The Conversation: Finland’s school reforms won’t scrap subjects altogether
25 March 2015

Stay calm: despite the reforms, Finnish schools will continue to teach mathematics, history, arts, music and other subjects in the future. More »

HardCore Gamer: Influent Finnish Language Pack Finished
25 March 2015

Finnish is a notoriously tricky language. And where’s the fun in spending hours trying to get directions to a bathroom with phony sign language? More »

New York Times: Finnish Watchmaker Finds Inspiration in His Native Land
18 March 2015

Stepan Sarpaneva made a bold move in the watchmaking world when he left Switzerland and sold his vintage Harley-Davidson to start an atelier in his native country, Finland. More »

Arcticstartup: Hands on with Finland's EVE T1 Tablet
18 March 2015

Finland has been known for its mobile hardware, but Nokia and Jolla aren’t the only tablet makers in town. Already on the market is the Eve T1 which an 8-inchWindows 8.1 tablet. More »

Reuters: Opposed to EU bailouts, Finland's populists eye power
17 March 2015

Finland's populist opposition leader could join a new government after April's general election with his calls to end bailouts. More »

The Financial Times: Finland’s economy: In search of the sunny side
11 March 2015

After advocating austerity for others, Finland is now pondering cuts of its own to deal with years of recession. More »

The Guardian: Ageing villages of northern Finland where ancient way of life is dying out
11 March 2015

“Our family has lived here for 400 years, from the 1600s until now,” says Seppo, explaining why they – and many in the region – share their surname with the name of the village. However, they are most likely the last generation to do so. More »

The Atlantic: Networking Naked With Finland's Diplomatic Sauna Society
6 March 2015

Little says Finland quite like a sauna. The word itself is Finnish, and in the country of some 5 million, there are roughly 2 million saunas, an average of about one per household. More »

The Economist: Female Finns are faring fine
6 March 2015

Progress in bettering women’s chances in the workplace is mixed. The glass-ceiling index. More »

The New York Times: One Twin Exercises, the Other Doesn’t
4 March 2015

Identical twins in Finland who shared the same sports and other physical activities as youngsters but different exercise habits as adults soon developed quite different bodies and brains, according to a fascinating new study. More »

The Guardian: Finland's Eurovision entries – nul points? No problem
2 March 2015

Finland will win Eurovision this year. Its chosen entry, Aina Mun Pitää by Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät (PKN), is a winning mixture of rebellion (it’s an 85-second-long punk song) and inspiration (all the band members have learning disabilities). Nothing can stop them. More »

IceNews: Metal music plays an important role in Finland’s ‘brand’
25 February 2015

In the last 15 years, Finland has not only produced a number of renowned metal bands, but these groups have played a major role in the global perception of the country, according to recent research. More »

Geektime: Watch founders pitch inside a freezing ice hole in Finland
25 February 2015

Perhaps the coolest startup competition ever, in both senses of the word, startup founders in Oulu, Finland are pitching their ideas while standing in a freezing ice hole. More »

BBC News: The Moomin ballet is coming but you'll have to go to Finland to see it
18 February 2015

If you think they're super cute, then you'd better start booking your ticket to the Moomin ballet now. More »

Xinhua: Visiting Sami families become popular tourist program in Finland
17 February 2015

It has become a popular tourist program in Finnish Lapland to visit Sami families and cross the snowy woods on reindeer sledges. More »

The Conversation UK: Why Finland and Norway still shun university tuition fees – even for international students
17 February 2015

All the Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden – provide higher education free of charge for their own citizens and, until recently, international students have been able to study free too.More »

Financial Times: Telecoms entrepreneur aims to revive Finland’s fortunes
12 February 2015

Juha Sipilä succeeded as a telecoms entrepreneur with the same hands-on approach that led him to build his own house and even a gas-fuelled car. More »

Huffington Post: What Do Finland and Teach for America Have in Common?
5 February 2015

Finland's student performance ranks at the top of the world, and Teach for America's performance in the United States consistently outperforms its peer institutions. What do these programs have in common? More »

Daily Mail: It's snowtime! Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, endure freezing temperatures as they join Finnish Army in Lapland to learn Arctic survival skills
4 February 2015

Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex, found themselves in a winter wonderland during their five-day visit to the snowy capital of Finland, Helsinki. More »

Aberdeen Press and Journal: Peterhead man captures gorgeous pictures of Northern Lights
28 January 2015

Within five hours of arriving in Finland, the 45-year-old was looking at one of the most amazing displays of the lights in his career. More »

Alaska Dispatch News: Laser scanning sheds a new light on animal habitats in Finland
28 January 2015

A major laser scanning project spearheaded by the National Land Survey of Finland has generated a welcome byproduct. More »

Virtual Festivals: Beck to make his Finnish live debut at Flow Festival
20 January 2015

One of the largest festival events in Finland, Flow Festival will celebrate its 12th anniversary this year. More »

The Herald Journal: USTAR professor to work on bioproduct research in Finland through Fulbright Scholarship
19 January 2015

Agblevor will work with researchers at the VTT Technical Research Centre — one of Europe’s largest research organizations. More »

Huffington Posti: The Global Search for Education: How to Improve - From Finland
13 January 2015

All schools in Finland are primarily public schools, with cities and municipalities as the proprietors. More »

Eurovision: The Finnish national final for the Eurovision Song Contest
13 January 2015

Eighteen acts will compete for the right to represent Finland in Vienna. You can meet them here. More »

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